Saludos, we are Alex and Rosangel… The Perez Sisters NYC

We are sisters, best friends, and awakening women walking the path of the heart. We create and co-create events that gather and connect community in the NYC area. We also host International virtual events called, 29 Days of Gratitude which we celebrate on Facebook’s The Gratitude Movement

Welcome to our space. This site is meant to be the hub to connect you to us. We realize it has been confusing getting a hold of everything we are a part of… That’s because we are co-creating some very beautiful things that need their individual expression.

We produce a feel good Spanglish Radio Show called “Cafecito Break” 

We also have a Metaphysical Boutique called, Botanikal in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This lil shop feels like a lil temple of love. Here you will find crystals, gemstones, crystal jewelry, sacred geometry jewelry, incense, sage, palo santo, agua Florida and more.

Please connect with us on Facebook’s Botanikal for latest news and events on The Perez Sisters.

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