The Perez Sisters – Crystals We Love for Grounding

“Walk in Love… “Alex Perez 

BOTANIKAL Khronikals – RA and Alex share some crystals they love for grounding,,. black tourmaline, shungite, and hematite.

What are some of your favorites grounding crystals? 


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Gracias y bendiciones! Alex and RA


We are back… 

Expect to hear more from The Perez Sisters on this site.   

Here’s a nice reminder for the tribe. 

We love you. 


A Message from The Perez Sisters about Love, Crystals, and Dreams coming true

Hello Beautiful tribe…

This month, our beautiful shop will celebrate her first birthday and we really want to make this month special.

Building Botanikal has been one of the most beautiful journeys for us. We have met so many wonderful people, connected with soul family. We have hugged, cried, laughed, and celebrated milestones of birth, engagements, weddings, and deaths. We love Botanikal and we love serving our community and providing guidance however we can. We love picking out crystals and spirtual tools that will go home with the right person. We love to see the smiles and we love to see how love and kindness create magical synchronicities…

Financially, it has been a very slow year. We never had a grand opening because it’s been a month to month journey…

what a wild delicious day to day ride 😉

But we need your help…

Will you please make a small contribution in support of Botanikal so that we can continue to anchor our roots and continue to serve our beautiful community?

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Thank you for co-creating this deam with us. 

Thank you for co-creating this deam with us.
We love you and thank you for your loving kindness.
May it be multiplied.

love your sisters,
Rosangel & Alex

Our Shop Botanikal in Williamsburg, Brooklyn…

It’s a beautiful day out in NYC and even more beautiful in Williamsburg, Brooklyn… the home of amazing restaurants, shopping, people, and The Perez Sisters… 😉

If you are in the area, stop by our shop and say a quick hello…

Who knows… perhaps something in our shop will connect with you.

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