Healings with Visiting Sangoma Shaman – John Lockley

From the same tribe as Nelson Mandela & Desmond Tutu,  John Lockley will be visiting New York City as part of his ‘Way of the Leopard’ World tour.   
John Lockley
The purpose of his tour is to show people how they can connect with their intuition, their sixth sense, and realise their destiny in this world.

The Leopard is one of the main totem animals in Southern Africa amongst the Sangoma medicine people. It represents pure instinct and harmony with the natural world.

John will teach the 3 pillars of Sangoma medicine, which are ancestral prayers, dreaming and medicinal plants. All work is performed with rhythm, songs, live drumming and dancing. To attune oneself to our true nature we have to learn how to dance and shake our bones.

To walk like the Leopard we have to learn how to dance like the Leopard…

* 8th May – Meta Center, Manhattan
– Intro the ‘Way of the Leopard’
– 7-9pm,
– Exchange $30

* 9th May – Golden Drum, Greenpoint, Brooklyn
– Blessing Ceremony & Public Talk
– 8-9:30pm
– Exchange $30

* 14th May – The Fifth Line, Sterling Pl, Brooklyn
– Intro the ‘Way of the Leopard’
– 7-9pm
– Exchange $30

* 17-18th May – Golden Drum, Weekend Workshop
– Way of the Leopard, Ceremony 1
– Opening the Road to your destiny
– Contact Golden Drum

Private Sangoma Sessions: Divination Session or Herbal Healing.

* Sat 10, Sun 11, 12, 13, 15, 20, 21

Divination Session: These involve throwing the bones in the traditional way. The purpose behind this is to help people realise their destiny. John’s job is to see where the client is stuck or having difficulties and then work with them to ‘open their door’ and help find their direction.

The bones also help John to ‘see’ the clients’ gifts or hidden talents.

Herbal Healing: John mixes medicinal plants in a traditional Sangoma way to promote healing & spiritual well being. These sessions are very good to facilitate deeper dreaming.

Each private session is conducted like a ceremony. They last 1 hour. Exchange $151, preferably cash or via paypal.

To book a session please email: johnlockleysoffice@gmail.com

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